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Live Painting At The Brookyln Bowl!


It’s been a crazy few months! I Painted live at The Brooklyn Bowl located at The Linq In Las Vegas on Nov.17th.

I painted next to another awesome artist “Alexander P. Huerta”! This was an awesome experience and 

I love painting live. There’s such an adrenaline rush when people just watch you in your spiritual zone! 

Showing at The Arts Factory!

Opening reception was a success!
Opening reception was a success!

I will be showing my 1st collection at PeacenArt Studio starting Nov.3rd and 4th. There will be a reception with a lttile wine starting at 6pm. Come check out my highly colorized collection!     

Getting ready!

   107 E.Charleston Blvd. Suite 230 Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

New Addition!

This little piece is called “Goddess Of Slumber”. This is a mixed media piece that I had a lot of fun with.It has a glass shine to which is beautiful when the sun hits it! What do you see?

Goddess Of Slumber (20x20)
Goddess Of Slumber (20×20)

New pieces coming soon!

Im currently working on new smaller and much larger pieces about love, music, and life! Soon I will be displaying my pieces and also will be opening my

online store for prints.Keep checking back

 on updates!

New additions coming soon!

Hey lovers! Sorry I haven’t been updating much on here! I’ve been busy trying to finish more pieces to add on here and also getting ready to start showings! Plus I’m still trying to get usedt to using my own website and also all the other media outlets! Anyone that has any questions or comments please feel  free to email me. I love to hear all comments.

New Addition!

Hey art lovers! Sorry I haven’t been on here for a minute because I’ve been working on a couple new projects! Here’s my new piece named “Bad Ass Chick”. Most of my pieces are a reflection on who I am and who I am becoming. On a personal level I’m growing and becoming more free. This is me. I’m a bad ass chick who lives life to the fullest and I do not look back because why would you? I don’t apologize for who I am. I’m everything you can think of and in between and I’m proud of It. Maybe you lovers can also see a bit of yourself too? Or not! Just like any and all art just enjoy! P.S. go to my gallery for a full view.20160314_191533-2

Work in progress!!!!!!

Hey art lovers! This is the new piece I’m working on. Not sure about the title yet. Study this piece because there are a lot of messages and personal feelings everywhere. My 2 kids for are 11 years old and 7 years old helped me sketched out the top right corner and actually helped paint it! Can you tell my kids paint like me! Love it! Email what you think or follow me on Facebook or Instagramvenedatta!

Welcome to my abstracted mind.

Welcome to my new site. My name is Julia and I’m a subconscious painter. I’ve been painting for over 20 years and literally only a few years ago, finally found my style. Most artists have a long journey to finally feel free and not conform to a certain idea of what they need to be. I’ve started this site so other people can view my art as I feel it. You will see in my painting, my use of vibrant colors and different images that I’m everywhere.  I will be posting my new work here weekly. I believe we are all artists in someway. You just need to take the journey to find out what kind. Take the journey with me, and free your mind!

working on acrylic painting on canvas
working on acrylic painting on canvas