From the beginning, Julia knew she was an artist. There was always training and education, and an endless amount of moral support from her small family. Born in Los Angeles, California to a blues crooning father who in his own right, lived an adventure before creating his talented offspring, and a migrant Guatemalan mother, Julia was considered the odd girl. She was guided on the path to free expression early on, when a little boy from her art class bullied her. Julio, her father, took her to school the next day and watched in a packed schoolyard as she punched her way toward revenge.

Big Bear - 1989
Big Bear – 1989

At 6 years old Julia would spend afternoons learning techniques and art theory from a private master. He took her under his wing for 5 years, training her in Sfumato and Chiaroscuro, techniques used in Realism. Julia studied his style daily and perfected her own take on his skills until her teacher moved from the bustling streets of Hollywood to Seattle. This took a toll on her as she and her father tried to no avail to find a replacement for such an incredible artist.

Indian girl - 1988
Indian girl – 1988

With school now being her main focus, Julia bided her time with every possible art themed extracurricular activity. She had developed the mind of a master being surrounded by such talent. Julia was homeschooled because she had the opportunity to attend Associates in Art School. She studied everything from advanced portrait nude drawing to landscaping in all mediums. After 3 years of classes she finally burnt out. She never had a life outside of art so she took a break for a few years. Finally after learning how to undo all the teachings that she was trained with for so many years she let it go. Starting from scratch she learned how to abstract her soul to a canvas. Now what you are seeing is Julia’s abstracted mind.

Apples on tin - 1988
Apples on tin – 1988

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