Julia  Gonzalez Hall

HallMy greatest passion in life is art. 

Beauty Of Abstract 2017
Big Bear - 1989
Big Bear – 1989

I grew up in Los Angeles, California to 1st and 3rd generation immigrant parents. I am of Guatemalan and Mexican heritage. I trained at an early age under a private teacher for 5 years. At the age of 13, I attended the Associates in Arts school, in Sherman Oaks, California. I decided after many years to finally pursue my fine art’s degree in Art and Art history.

Indian girl - 1988
Indian girl – 1988

After being classically trained at a young age, I went on a path of self-discovery. After many years of trial and tribulation, I fell in love with Contemporary and Abstract art. My love for music flows through my art. The bright colors and bold lines in my pieces, mimic the emotional connection to the musical notes that musicians play. I choose expressive compositions that pay homage to my heritage and my spirit.

Apples on tin - 1988
Apples on tin – 1988

I am skilled in several mediums (oils, acrylics, watercolors, and charcoal) and different art forms (sculpture, painting, photography). I have exhibited around Las Vegas and been featured in the LA Voyage Magazine. I am also a member of the Las Vegas Artist Guild and The Las Vegas Watercolor Society. With the relentless desire to further my advancement in art and professional skills, I am currently enrolled at College of Southern Nevada.

Art Live 2017

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