Artist Statement

My work represents Expressionism. It involves painting pieces that concentrate on my emotional state of mind. I have developed a style that’s unique to my personality and culture. As Guatemalan and Mexican American woman, I emulate my culture’s appreciation of intense color and defined images. Whether I include music, feminism, or dance, no subject is off limits. When I paint freedom allows me to run wild with my imagination.

I am a mixed media artist and use mediums such as oils and acrylics to layer my paintings to show layer and depth. When creating, I use wood, canvas, or paper and they can average from small pieces to mural size. I use bright colors with bold lines to invoke emotion and create a connection while also providing balance through-out the piece. Each piece is carefully constructed with a subject matter that expresses an abstract idea from my imagination.

My goal is to represent a variety of multicultural diversity and equality in my artwork.

-Julia G. Hall, 2023